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Pelosi’s teeth were ’falling out of her mouth’, tweets Trump

Pelosi’s teeth were ’falling out of her mouth’, tweets Trump

President Trump on Sunday tweeted that Speaker Pelosi’s teeth were ’falling out of her mouth’ during a press conference recently. His tweet came as part of a retweet of Rep. Mark Meadows, who had quote-tweeted a clip of Pelosi explaining why bribery was not one of the articles of impeachment filed. ’Nancy’s teeth were falling out of her mouth, and she didn’t have time to think!’, Trump tweeted.

porcus 7 months

HaHa! Man he is great at these digs.

Coeus 7 months

"Pelositis." It's a medical condition. Extensive cerebral atrophy significantly contracts the brain, causing cranial shrivelling with concomitant contraction of the buccal cavity (cf. Amazonian "shrunken heads"). Pulling of the dermis of the facial area loosens natural dentitial insertion, leading to the loss of teeth.

Kenguru Safari
Kenguru Safari 7 months

poor Skeletor

ConcealCarryProtect 7 months

Fact Checkers : "Contrary to Trumps hateful rhetoric, Pelosi's teeth remained entirely stationary except when she opened her mouth and delivered the words of Hope and Love"

..... 7 months

What's with the fox headline "nasty "... as if they haven't called trump everything in the book

Carisa D
Carisa D 7 months

I cannot stand the way she talks around her teeth, trying to hold them in! It reminds me of my dad and that is not a good thing. *shudders*

Dr. Ötker
Dr. Ötker 7 months

Fancy Nancy, woozy Pelosi!

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 7 months

Pot calls kettle black.

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