Maryland gas station switches to electric

Maryland gas station switches to electric

A Maryland gas station pulled out its pumps and replaced it with charging for electric vehicles. This is the first gas station in the U.S. to remove its gas pumps to replace with electric. There are more than 20,700 registered electric vehicles in Maryland, and the area also has an electric taxi service in need of more charging infrastructure.

David Silverstone
David Silverstone 5 months

The jokes on us Li-ion batteries are disposable, last less than a couple of years on "fast-charge", *completely un-recylcable*, incredibly toxic for the environment, and we have no real safe way to store and remove the waste. Good job retards, your solution is literally worse for the environment.

L C 5 months

no clue how they intend to make this work given that charging a car takes drastically longer than filling up a petrol tank

porcus 5 months

I have to see how this works out, seems like it would not be a great model...

Nathan Greene
Nathan Greene 5 months

geez that last headline is wild

Marcus Rogers
Marcus Rogers 5 months

Congrats on the only 8 hour que "gas" station, you'll be needing to make an appointment before filling up.

PhreneticNI 5 months

Well, if they can make money without government subsidies, then I say good for capitalism being a driver for technological change. If not, then I'm sure someone will pick up on it eventually (subsidies) or they'll go out of business (poor business decision).

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