Doctors ask Australian government to help evacuate Assange

Doctors ask Australian government to help evacuate Assange

A group of over 100 doctors has urged Australia to lobby for Julian Assange. ’Should Mr Assange die in a British prison, people will want to know what you, minister, did to prevent his death’, a letter by the group to Foreign Minister Marise Payne read. The letter urged government intervention citing danger to his health on account of ’a foreign government obstructing his human right to health’.

Tin Ego
Tin Ego 7 months

He should be freed

Scruffy Stoat
Scruffy Stoat 7 months

You wanna know who the world's true authoritarian dictators are? They're the people keeping Assange imprisoned and Snowden in exile. The innocent only get that kind of punishment when they expose Tyrants.

porcus 7 months

Hopefully Australia will show the world their brass balls and act on this. Just like Saxton Hale.

Seekster 7 months

What is this tripe? Give the man his day in court and if he is not guilty he can be free again. Assange is not a martyr, he is a self promoter and while I understand the outrage at the NSA I do not understand the worship of this guy.

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