Google fires fifth worker for activism

Google fires fifth worker for activism

Google has been accused of firing a fifth employee suspected of attempting to organize a labor union. Kathryn Spiers, who worked within the Chrome security team, claims to have been fired for adding a pop-up to an internal browser informing colleagues about their labor rights. Spiers accused the company of having ’overreacted in an egregious, illegal and discriminatory manner’.

Paris Cloud
Paris Cloud 5 months

can't say I blame them, but Google isn't a good company in general

I have no idea
I have no idea 5 months

California is an at will state. They can fire you for any reason that isn't race sex or religion. You don't cover your mouth when coughing, fired. you send out an unwanted memo, fired. you express an unwanted idean fired. You dirupt the work place by talking about how much you get paid, fired.

noonespecific 5 months

Where is all the support for james demore. He was an activist. Got fired and none in the mainstream media came to his support.

Roadhog 5 months

How to get promoted: find ways to add value for your employer How to get fired: get caught conspiring to sabotage your employer It's not rocket surgery.

falco81dist 5 months

don't be evil Google

O'Brien 5 months

Shows where the Left is now when they are infinitely more outraged over trans discrimination than labor rights.

James 5 months

i dont want union in control of my internet

The Dragon
The Dragon 5 months

It's all free speech until it's about large coorperations

David Silverstone
David Silverstone 5 months

Weird, they let their activists do all kinds of stuff speaking truth to power like banning independent content creators, and fucking with everyday peoples searches.

Edward Williams
Edward Williams 5 months

*reaches for popcorn*

IDWFTW 5 months

Google: “Hey do you mind not adding on this feature that we don’t want on the browser that we legally own? Thanks!” Activist: “Nah I’m adding it on” Google: “Thats a shame :( you’re fired.” Activist: *SurprisedPikachuFace* She didn’t get fired for activism. She got fired for messing with their property and doing something at work that they didn’t want her doing at work.

Daniel McEwen
Daniel McEwen 5 months

Always comes back to this: "Don't be evil." We all know that was dropped for a reason.

Eric 5 months

so she wasn't trying to organize a union. she only wanted to inform her coworkers that the organization Google hired was specifically union busting. the notification only said “Googlers have the right to participate in protected concerted activities.” While I get it's a right to work state, it seems very troubling that this is how they would react. here's her own medium post about it:

Imad 5 months

In order to have true, healthy, and strong unions, we need democracy at work by converting companies to workers and consumers co-op. Right now, Wall Street 1 percent own the 90 percent of companies, hence we can’t form unions since there is no freedom neither democracy at work. For more information visit democracy at work dot info.

Ben B.
Ben B. 5 months

It's pretty sketchy when you put "don't be evil" in your TOS. It's even worse when you remove it from your TOS.

ELIZABETH 5 months

“The decision would have been the same had the pop-up message been on any other subject.” Ok google 😂😂

Nicholas Noel
Nicholas Noel 5 months

Google Civil War

Deimantas 5 months

That's not activism, it's using your workplaces software to throw a temper tantrum, and they were right to fire them.

Jacob 5 months

Sounds like Google are gonna be employing the good ol' Pinkerton Detective Agency here soon. Poor guys probably haven't had a good strike breaking since the 30s at least.

Kevin 5 months

Whatever happened to your "don't be evil" policy Google?

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