Warren unveils plan to end ’the flow of dark money’

Warren unveils plan to end ’the flow of dark money’

Sen. Warren has unveiled a plan to stop ’the flow of dark money’ if elected president. Warren’s proposal aims to curtail financial corruption and laundering schemes both domestically and internationally. The plan aims to target kleptocrats and those who use shell companies to avoid taxation.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 5 months

Hey Liz, if you had all these great ideas and plans, why didn't you try and get them passed into law as your actual job as a senator?

Arker 4 months

"dark money?" that's racist.

America 4 months

Got news for you sweety, all money is bad money. It's not a light switch. Turn it on, "that money is bad!" turn it off, "this money is good". Cherry picking policies at it's finest.

porcus 4 months

Another plan, another policy, and another indication that Warren is beginning to tank and is desperate to be seen as "doing something". All this does is: [A] Make her look like an absolute control freak that wants to utterly change America in every way, and [B] Dilutes her message and platform to gibberish. What is she NOT proposing is probably a shorter list and easier to discuss instead.

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