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North Carolina officer charged for body-slamming student

North Carolina officer charged for body-slamming student

A school resource officer who was filmed body-slamming a student at the Vance County Middle School in North Carolina has been charged with misdemeanor. The county’s prosecutor’s office also added that the officer was charged with assault on a child under 12 and failure to discharge duties. All three charges carry a maximum penalty of 120 days in jail.

my opinion may offend you
my opinion may offend you 8 months

Think of the riots that we would have if it had been a white officer.

ConcealCarryProtect 8 months

Thats a felony assault charge at least.

Girthquake 8 months

are you serious? That's all he got?

Eeker Speaker
Eeker Speaker 8 months

Its alright guys, i hear the kid was a prick.

Gaius Octavius
Gaius Octavius 8 months

There's that blue wall

porcus 8 months

None of the articles give any indication as to why the guy lost his cool and attacked the 11 year old kid. Glad he is no longer employed by the sheriff's department...

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