Puerto Rico to approve cockfighting and defy federal ban

Puerto Rico to approve cockfighting and defy federal ban

Puerto Rican lawmakers say they will approve a law to keep alive the 400-year-old tradition of cockfighting on the island territory, in defiance of a federal ban on the practice that goes into effect this week. The tradition was due to end on Friday under a law passed by Congress last year to bring the island in step with prohibition in every U.S. state.

Spartan Life
Spartan Life 6 months

Okay then so if we had made them a state they would now be a sanctuary state for cock fighting.

Sir_Kutz 6 months

Say bye bye to aide.

User Inactive
User Inactive 6 months

Stop playing with your food Puerto Rico. 😏

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 6 months

What a bunch of Cocks.

neo the one
neo the one 6 months

does the mean the US is going to cockblock Puerto Ricos aid

ICblades 6 months

....watching a couple of cocks fighting out sounds pretty gay to me

BarianKing 6 months

Bunch of weirdos down in Puerto Rico

ConcealCarryProtect 6 months

Us: Dont make chickens fight. Also US: Tottally legal to keep chickens in tiny cages on top of one another till diey die.

Roe Jogan
Roe Jogan 6 months

I bet they'll change their mind if their wallet is threatened.

Smasher Devourer
Smasher Devourer 6 months

its their culture. l don't see anything wrong with it. funny pro choice people are probably against cock fighting.

Edmond_Dantes 6 months

This is hilarious to me

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