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All McDonald’s in Peru shut to mourn electrocuted teens

All McDonald’s in Peru shut to mourn electrocuted teens

All outlets of McDonald’s in Peru have shut shop for two days, mourning two young employees who were electrocuted at a branch in the capital city of Lima. Alexandra Porras Inga, 19, and Gabriel Campos Zapata, 18, died on a night shift while cleaning the kitchen. Reports suggest the two were killed by a loose cable on Sunday. Employees are demanding improvements to workplace safety.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 7 months

Rule #1: pizza should always have pepperoni, never pineapple. Rule #2: never eat at McDonald's.

jane 7 months

I hope they take this opportunity to train all employees and teach all students not to touch someone who's being electrocuted. If he had just known to grab a broomstick or something, they could have both been saved :-(

Elva M
Elva M 7 months

My heart and prays goes to the hurting family that this time I know these two lovely young our future to die in this matter is something and the young died in trying to save the other what bravery May the HEAVENLY FATHER bless this family and send his Angel's to protect them AMEN

IIZard 7 months

Why didn't circuit breakers trip?

Jax Milovitch
Jax Milovitch 7 months

Poor kids

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