Teen Cannabis vaping is on the rise in the US

Teen Cannabis vaping is on the rise in the US

Studies show incidents of marijuana vaping among teens is on the rise in the US. More than 20% of high school seniors reported vaping THC in 2019, the second largest single-year increase in any substance abuse ever recorded. The increases translates into at least 1 million additional THC vapers in 2019 versus 2018, researchers said.

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 5 months

Can we shut the fuck up about kids vaping. Its illegal for them to do so. maybe instead of cracking down on vaping in general and hurting consenting adults who have done nothing wrong with bogus legislation you instead focus on the few adults that are selling it to kids.

Sasu 6 months

gotta ban all vaping to protect the tobacco industry. otherwise the states wont get their cut of the profits to pay back their tobacco bonds

Macius 6 months

I would rather don't smoke at all than use the pussy stick. Tegridy MF!

MrVairhein 5 months

vape deaths from thc vapes are only happening because the fed wont legalize weed. without federal regulation any dumb fuck can try to use butane extraction in their basement to create thc vape pods. then when they dont evaporate all the butane and sell it at the shop down the street people smoke it and die. get with the times fed its happening whether u like it or not. the answer is not to ban all flavored vapes or all vapes in general or even thc vapes. just make it have to be FDA approved to sell it but that cant happen until its legal. in not saying they wont cause any health problems because smoking anything will eventually do damage of some sort and vaping is still fairly new but all the freak out over the tens of people who have died is blown out of proportion and the actual cause isnt even being acknowledged. edit: upon further reading ive learned the butane and other solvents degrade the PVC piping it is used in along with the weed creating harmful contaminents which in black market thc oil is not filtered out.

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