Gay ’conversion therapies’ to be banned by Germany

Gay ’conversion therapies’ to be banned by Germany

A law backed by the parliament which punishes bogus practitioners with up to a year in prison has helped Germany to move a step closer to banning the ’gay conversion’ therapies in the country. The move has been hailed by Activists all around the country.

Randy Rand
Randy Rand 2 months

But converting 7 year olds to opposite sex is ok. Twilight zone folks.

Spartan Life
Spartan Life 2 months

I would have just assumed it was already illegal in Germany.

Takoda Ackerley
Takoda Ackerley 2 months

Good, conversion therapy is a dangerous practice.

Mutatis 2 months

I feel like I was the only one who saw that headline and assumed they were banning the practice of converting straight people to being 'gay'. Perhaps it is due to me having already assumed that 'conversion therapy' in the other direction was already illegal to some extent.

David Silverstone
David Silverstone 2 months

So glad the world destroyed Germany, otherwise all these Germans would be forced to speak German. Imagine having to live as a German society in Germany, we can't have it. State enforced homosexuality is clearly whats best for Israels pursepocket.

Just An Opinion
Just An Opinion 2 months

To German gays who want help with managing and controlling their urges without falling into a pit of depravity: Too bad. Government says no.

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