Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker disappoints critics and fans

Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker disappoints critics and fans

The final film in the Disney Star Wars saga premiered in Los Angeles on Monday. To the dismay of critics and fans alike. Critics cited lack of imagination, too many callbacks to previous films, too much exposition and an incoherent plot as reasons for the films failure. Many believe this film to be the final nail in the coffin for Star Wars.

Double U Double U
Double U Double U
Obvy. 4 months

Not what I'm hearing on bitchute. (edit) They changed the title! 😆

RebornZA 4 months

Sure it is. Best movie of all time, I'm sure... Mary Sue.

Scruffy Stoat
Scruffy Stoat 4 months

kewl...... Let me know when it's on Netflix cause I sure as hell ain't wasting good money to see it.

ConcealCarryProtect 4 months

Im a Lucas fan, hating Disney star wars is basically my religion. This is the way.

T3hGladiator 4 months

I watched The last Jedi in theaters with my brother, then went to Denny's as is our tradition. The more we talked about it, the more we realized we hated it. When it was released on Netflix I tried to watch it again, made it about to the bombing run, where they use gravity in space, and turned it off. I will not be paying to see this next movie.

Deadman 0_0
Deadman 0_0 4 months

The only praise it deserves is not immediately enducing vomiting when watched.

Aight Bradley
Aight Bradley 4 months

I've heard everything but praise for the dozens of cuts they screened. This one's a miss for me after the disaster the last one was. I'll just get in my ship and enjoy the Mandalorian instead. ;)

Hermit T Mog
Hermit T Mog 4 months

It must be good if the "critics" say so.

Hypnotica 4 months

Wow, didn't the critics also rave over The Last Jedi? I was hoping the critics hated Rise of Skywalker, then I would have know it was a good film!

Milkshake 4 months

It's not Rise of Skywalker, it's Rise of My Little Space Pony. Get the title right you nazi sexist transphobic bigots!

Marcus Rogers
Marcus Rogers 4 months


Tsila Noitan (Backer)
Tsila Noitan (Backer) 4 months

rise of skywoker

Dave 4 months

Critics love it? It's shit then.

Tyler Engleman
Tyler Engleman 4 months

lmao, imagine caring what movie "critics" think about the new Disney film.

Seekster 4 months

I will watch it on Disney+. I am not paying extra to see this in theaters.

tenoclock 4 months

If this is from the critics, it's shit.

Roamer MGTOW
Roamer MGTOW 4 months

not according to real news.

Paris Cloud
Paris Cloud 4 months

Goodbye Star Wars, it's been nice. Hope you find your paradise. Tried to see your point of view, but your dreams they won't come true.

david dindu
david dindu 4 months

critics rated sticks n stones baaaad although the general public loved it. critics do not represent the general public anymore

Phil Scott
Phil Scott 4 months

Overwhelmingly positive? Lol, no

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