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Conservative activists accused of voter intimidation lost appeal

Conservative activists accused of voter intimidation lost appeal

Two conservative activists, who intimidated the public via robocalls not to vote in 2020 elections, have lost their appeal case. Jack Burkman and Jacob Wohl were judged over felony charges, voter intimidation, violation against election law. Thousands were discouraged to use their right by mail-in voting by thinking their personal information would be in threat after the pair’s conspiracy

Tiktator 0 months

Why does everyone think conservatives will back these guys. If they broke the law then sentence them. You see the right doesn't blindly think everyone on that side is fighting the good fight and above the laws. These guys can rot in jail no one cares. If the are guilty. Just like everyone else who breaks the law

Mike 0 months

No conservative I know would call them conservatives. No conservatives I know would defend them. Most conservatives I know would call then out if they thought it was needed. They are already in trouble. It's not needed. The left seems to think everything works the way they do things with cancel culture and what-not. With eating their own.

Spank-O-Tron5000 0 months

If they're found not guilty (they won't) then nothing happens. If they're found guilty a precedent is set and I will file lawsuits against all the democrat robicallers who hounded me during the 2020 election. Good thing I saved all those numbers. An eye for an eye, fascicrats 😜

Dave 0 months

So they're finally going after people for voter meddling? Sweet, when does the Times go on trial after they admitted to doing the same? I mean if we are finally enforcing the law and admitting people weren't all playing by the rules in the "Most Secure Election In The History Of the Universe!", perhaps we can start dealing with both sides equally. Surely if intimidating voters not to use mail in voting is being charged, then all the people caught admitting they paid people to give them their mail in vote or to vote a certain way, should be charged too. Oh, just the Republicans are at fault? Ok. I'm sure that's not going to force their hand in the next election. At this rate the Democrats are going to usher in the end of the United States as the red states band together and secede from what they see as an unjust federal government.

Rocky 0 months

I remember this story well. Jacob Wohl is pretty terrible person who was constantly peddling in conspiracy theories. He was not a conservative in my opinion, but that's just what labels are is opinions. They deserve to be given the full punishment of the law if found guilty (which if I remember correctly they were actually bragging about this stuff).

N 0 months

Crickets in here. Strange, I though conservatives were too morally superior for something like this...

Jon 0 months

Bastards. But it's not over, the Republicans are going full fascist to disenfranchise millions of voters in multiple states.

Rye 0 months

Voter suppression is feature of the far right. A political loss is an existential threat to them hence their prominent show of force. It's do or die with these guys.

Idaho Liberal
Idaho Liberal 0 months

Typical Republican tactics - cheat to win...only it didn’t work this time, and it won’t ever work again. Lock them up, lock them up, lock them up! It doesn’t matter if how hard they try to make it to vote, cheaters never win. We will overcome, AMERICA will overcome the facist, racist, T**** Republican Party because, love wins in the end and they are the minority.

John W
John W 0 months

They call that intimidation? They should look st what BLM and Maxine Waters do on a regular basis.

Jon 0 months

Hang em high. Conservatives have no use for terrorists or thugs.

mike 0 months

So they were doing what dems have done!!!

R3DK@ 0 months

Conservatives will support you until you get caught, then it's under the bus you go.

T 0 months

Ah, something that goes against conservatives. Why so empty, comment section?

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