NJ restores voting rights to 80,000 on parole or probation

NJ restores voting rights to 80,000 on parole or probation

More than 80,000 New Jerseyans who are on parole or probation are having their voting rights restored thanks to a bill signed by Gov. Phil Murphy on Wednesday. The law goes into effect in March 2020. The governor also signed legislation that will allow residents with low-level drug and nonviolent offenses to have their records expunged if they do not commit another offense for 10 years.

Jesse Morgan
Jesse Morgan 4 months

This is absolutely disgusting. I am so fed up with these people putting everything else above their country. We elected them to serve us, I says it's high time they figure that out.

David Silverstone
David Silverstone 4 months

Why does this guy look like Mr. Bean but also leatherface?

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 4 months

Fox’s article is titled “governor signs law allowing illegal aliens to get driver’s licenses”. Not attempting to trigger anyone are you Fox?

Seed 4 months

New Jersey has so many problems only a dictator could feasibly clean house. Any other attempt would be sabotaged by the corrupt unions and interest groups that primarily support the New Jersey Democratic Party (and the Republicans to an extent as well, they aren't entirely clean either). And not to mention that a considerable amount of the methods the dictator would need to use would never happen through the standard democratic processes (some of the necessary changes are not very popular, such as condensation of public services between different townships to cut costs, even though it would save a fair amount of money to do such).

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