UK rejects Scotland’s independence bid

UK rejects Scotland’s independence bid

Scottish prime minister wants a vote on Scotland breaking from the U.K. This has been rejected by the U.K. government. This comes after Boris has recently been elected as prime minister and plans to get Brexit done.

Aspire is to inspire before we expire Ohana
Aspire is to inspire before we expire Ohana
The Kosher Katfish
The Kosher Katfish 2 months

Only one thing to do, Scotland: bring 100 pipers into Parliament and play loud bagpipe tunes until they vote to let you go! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Caleb Sharp (Politicallyundead)
Caleb Sharp (Politicallyundead) 2 months

We all deserve to be free from the EU and accountability! Except you Scotland...

krm266 2 months

As a Scot thank fuck. I used to like the SNP but they are not a nationalist party in the slightest. I can't stand those slimy leftists using independence as a way to garner votes from the dumb roasters in this country

CanadaIsAlreadyGreat 2 months

Go for it! You don't need permission from a foreign government!


Once again the SNP cultists refusing to understand democracy, or how the UK works.

jane 2 months

Ironically, now the UK is sounding like the EU. Let them leave, they're a net loss and the UK is better off without them. Just let Ireland re-unite and let's get them all in instead.

L C 2 months

let the american revolution be a symbol to them, britain is oppressive and the only way to secure your independence is to be willing to fight for it. dont let them tell you that you cant leave, get up and walk out.

Seekster 2 months

Good, without Scotland the UK can't be Great Britain.

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