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Scotland’s pro-independence party moves closer to a majority

Scotland’s pro-independence party moves closer to a majority

Scotland’s main pro-independence party, Scottish National Party, has moved closer to securing a win in an election that could determine the future of the UK. With 49 constituencies counted, the SNP had won 40 seats, on course to win its fourth straight term. However, it may fall short of the 65 seats majority. A majority would see the party push for another independence referendum.

The Right Perspective
The Right Perspective 1 months

So a party that passed draconian anti-free speech laws will win another term. It seems most people are happy to give up their freedoms in exchange for government giveaways.

Dave 1 months

Honestly, if you live in Scotland and voted for them after the Sturgeon scandals and their outright war on free speech, then you deserve everything that's coming.

Highlander 1 months

Scotland will never become a member of the EU even if they ever do become an independent country. It is not up to them. It is up to the EU member states. They take a vote and this vote has to be unanimous. If even one country vites no they don't get in. Spain and Italy have already stated their opposition because they have their own separatist movements which they want to discourage.

John W
John W 1 months

Gaining Independence then giving it away to the EU? That would be like if India broke off from britain, then immediately called to ruled by Stalin. How can they call this an independence movement? Would their independence day be celebrated on the day they joined the EU?

Morbo 1 months

I'm ashamed of my countrymen. Voting for Sturgeon in spite of her deception, corruption and mismanagement is idiotic and will destroy Scotland. The EU will never let them in if they go independant. They don't pass the requirements.

Martin 1 months

Scotland would not function as an independent state. They don't have the economic ability to do so.

Rye 1 months

Good for them. If England can give a middle finger to the EU. Scotland can give one to England. Let people go their separate ways in peace.

Faittastic 1 months


Jon 1 months

You get what you vote for. I hope Scotland gets its independance.

Tommy 1 months

Not sure why the Scots keep voting for national socialists....

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