Ivanka insists Trump is unfazed by impeachement

Ivanka insists Trump is unfazed by impeachement

Ivanka Trump in an interview says that her father is unfazed by the impeachment process and is in fact so tied up in his 2020 campaign that he ’didn’t even feel like he was being impeached.’ Ivanka said her father is ’energized’ and sees the trial ’as just raw partisan politics.’ ’There is tremendous energy on his side...support for impeachment has actually decreased, not increased,’ she said.

America 3 months

It takes very great strength of character to still hold your head up with all the negative MSM press, attacks from the left and jabs from weak world leaders and for that I commend our POTUS and those he entrusts to have his back.

..... 3 months

The country stands with you against these traitors Mr. President!! God bless America! Semper Fi! You are the greatest since Andrew Jackson took on the federal reserve! Kennedy warned us of the deep state.

Thomas 3 months

oh hurry on the day when this vile family is heard of no more

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