How protests have changed Hong Kong forever

How protests have changed Hong Kong forever

Retrospective on six months of protest in Hong Kong. How they developed, how the government responded. Notes than more than 6,000 people, mostly young, have been arrested for protesting so far, 1,000 formally charge and that those numbers are likely to increase quickly.

IvoryDove 3 months

The CNN article is just plain stupid. It's always the youth, especially young adults, who are used to foment unrest in civil disruptions. Look at the anti-war movement in the USA during the 60s. This is not novel or even newsworthy. Talk about the Chinese extradition law that was designed to extract dissidents into the mainland where they'd never be seen again. Talk about communism and how it's a natural outgrowth of socialism and inherently evil.

Jim Boi
Jim Boi 3 months


Wholly 3 months

Do we know where all those people are so they don't become uygur "reeducators"?

alfonso 3 months

FREE Hong Kong 🇭🇰🇭🇰

Indo 3 months

When a state imprisons it's own citizens enmasse, it's weird. Extremely odd indeed.

Arcamean 3 months

If Hong Kong is left to its own the people will suffer even worse when the camera are officially banned.

Tim Baker
Tim Baker 3 months

Wonder how long ggv it'll be until the commie lovers here will theres nothing to see here.

Katharine 3 months

You're a dick

Mojtaba 3 months

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