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Explosive message sent by Trump to Kim days before nuclear deal deadline

Explosive message sent by Trump to Kim days before nuclear deal deadline

Just days before the expiration of the deadline set for the nuclear deal talks to be held between the United States and North Korea, Donald Trump has sent a pointed message to Kim Jong-Un by staging a joint military drill with South Korea which shows the infiltration of an enemy facility. Images of the drills have been released by the US Defense Visual Information Distribution Service.

Seekster 6 months

North Korea can either continue to stagnate until it eventually collapses or it can change course. Either way the ball is in their court.

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 6 months

More propaganda from both sides. The "I've got a bigger dick game" is puerile and demanding to both countries.

neo the one
neo the one 6 months

is it me, or have flipboard trolls made thier way over to newsvoice lately

Clint 6 months

awww, what happened to the bromance impotus and kimmy had? they broke up? MAGA zombies must be heartbroken

Fin 6 months

Not as long as they have a small back door bridge to Russia do u think black market goods get in... My fav photo of trump. Dear leader on trumps left smirking as trump immediately first salutes Kim's general... N general returns the salute...thats not just a gaffe that's a pure weak move... That should be on a dem campaign bill board across every highway in every state littering every high way... With the caption. Is this how the leader of free world is suppose to behave come Nov u decide .

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