Boeing fires CEO Muilenburg amid 737 Max crisis

Boeing fires CEO Muilenburg amid 737 Max crisis

Boeing has sacked CEO Dennis Muilenburg as it scrambles to rebuild its reputation after two crashes under his watch killed 346 people. Boeing dropped Muilenburg as it became increasingly clear that he was making little headway resolving a crisis that has cost it $9b, hurt suppliers and airlines and threatens to cut the pace of US economic growth. David Calhoun will take over as CEO and president.

Interdimensional alien
Interdimensional alien 3 months

I have a feeling the project will eventually be terminated.

Do NOT 3 months

People need to start understanding that when you attack these companies and demand huge settlements you are attacking people’s livelihoods. It’s one thing to hate AT&T because they rip you off, but when you insist on massive government regulations because a couple of planes crashed what you are asking for is for Boeing to turn into a copy of the car and dealership system in North America where customers go in knowing they’re going to be ripped off and sold a car with a defect. The system that lures you in for a cheap oil change to upsell you on new ignition coils is the result of 50 years of congressional overregulation. Boeing is a great company but if a couple of accidents accounting for a tiny minority of travel deaths this year are enough to spook you into demanding more! more! more! regulation than a lot of people are going to get laid off and Boeing will turn into the airplane version of AT&T. They will stop innovating and make your planes more expensive, which means pricier tickets and crappier food, if that’s possible. Life involves risks. Fix the problem. Get this plane airborne.

Avi Khait
Avi Khait 3 months

Poor guy. His golden parachute is only $26.5 M.

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