Stranger Things is now a pinball machine

Stranger Things is now a pinball machine

Stern Pinball has introduced a Stranger Things pinball table that introduces new features like video projections and a clever ball trap inspired by Eleven’s telekinetic powers. The Stranger Things machine comes in three versions — Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition. The entry-level Pro model starts at $6,099 with the Premium variant commanding $7,600 and the Limited Edition going for $9,099.

Tom A
Tom A
Error100 2 months

I don't think hidden magnets are anything new. Magnets are often used as gimmicks in pinball tables. And hidden magnets have often been used as ball savers above the outer drains. Video projection may be, but I know Creature from the Black Lagoon does something that might be called that. Either way, if I've got a couple grand to spend on a pinball table I'd much rather get a nice Williams or Gottlieb machine, but that's just my opinion

MoralKombat 2 months

I've always wanted a Twilight Zone pinball table.

Mitchell 2 months

Pinball Wizard!

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