Updates on Prince Philip’s health given by Prince Charles

Updates on Prince Philip’s health given by Prince Charles

Prince Charles told the media that Prince Philips was being looked after pretty well and that is all they knew at the moment. Prince Charles was giving an update on Prince Philip’s health to the media following the Duke of Edinburgh’s trip to the hospital.

Ivario Sulfust
Ivario Sulfust 2 months

Where is Prince Andrew? Not fondling children at his royal residence I hope. Oh and Epstein did not kill himself

Rhokanth 2 months

Imagine paying tens of millions in taxpayer dollars to fund the royal clown party.

..... 2 months

What they mean is he's getting the best children's blood there is

Billy Breitbart
Billy Breitbart 2 months

I now know why Prince Charles is so ugly. Stop royal genetic inbreeding now.

Cr4SH 2 months

I'm glad he was well looked after while I've had to wait ten years for a fucking X-ray to show that I have a fractured spine. Sponges.

bobby_5150 2 months

Hey fucktards, this is the Queen's husband their talking about, not her brother. Her brother was Epstein's buddy.

Shawn 2 months

Good ol scumbag, child rapist, pos... idk of anyone, that’ll be sad if he got Epsteined! We can’t let that story die with Jeffery.. We have to push towards the truth and expose this wicked practice. Don’t ever forget and for damn sure, don’t let the world forget.! We have wicked scumbags that are in control of this planet and the swamp needs to be drained!!! We can’t let them get away with this!!!

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