Napp Nazworth resigns from The Christian Post

Napp Nazworth resigns from The Christian Post

Napp Nazworth, a publication editor at The Christian Post announced his resignation from the publication because of its support for United States President Donald Trump. The Christian Post on Monday published an op-ed that had criticized the editor-in-chief of Christian Today and had argued that Christians should continue to support the President.

San 3 months

They don't have to be, but if they are, let's tax the shit out of them. It's way past due for that.

Chase100 3 months

No, Christians should not support this sinful President, he's probably corrupt. This President does not represent Christianity and the teachings of Christ, heck, Trump doesn't even go to CHURCH EVERY WEEKEND, like wtf, he golfs more than any other president. Fake Christians support him and enable such a fake Christian. He just wants your votes.

Scott 3 months

Good on ya, Nazworth. Stand up for your principles.

..... 3 months


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