Brazil President Bolsonaro suffers partial memory loss after fall

Brazil President Bolsonaro suffers partial memory loss after fall

Jair Bolsonaro, the President of Brazil said on Tuesday night that he suffered from partial memory loss after falling at his presidential palace located in the capital, Brasilia. Bolsonaro was rushed to the hospital after his fall, where a brain scan was conducted. The scan, however, revealed no abnormalities.

Tom A
Tom A
Tencent owns Spotify
Tencent owns Spotify 3 months

How does he know he fell then? Checkmate!

Rdclly Lbrl Cnsrvtv
Rdclly Lbrl Cnsrvtv 3 months

Sounds like an excuse for not addressing his human rights abuses. Any president or official who, in everything he does and says, indicates supporting a return to military dictatorship and commits crimes against humanity or incites the genocide of any group of people deserves to have zero power or support from anyone.

not the 1%
not the 1% 3 months

Jeez he looks like Palpatine with liver failure —- what an evil turd

tentakeljugend 3 months

Just a cover story for the body double the CIA has replaced him with.

AD C 3 months

This sound like the synopsis for a new comedy movie

Edward Williams
Edward Williams 3 months

That's quite a Christmas present...

Cross1ve 3 months

This is news?

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