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Cyberattack halts major US gas pipeline

Cyberattack halts major US gas pipeline

US energy company, Colonial Pipeline, has said that a cyber-attack forced it to temporarily halt all operations on a major pipeline that delivers roughly 45% of all fuel consumed on the East Coast. The pipeline transports gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. The attack, Friday, included ransomware according to the Washington Post. The precise nature of the attack was unclear, including who launched it.

Moroi 1 months

Cyber attack from China and/or Russia. Wonder if they're using Dominion. Good thing a strong man is leading the country. Nothing can bring him down... Except for the usual stairs and the odd teleprompter... He'll sort this out... If he can get his caretakers' approval to even speak to the media. Anyway... Brace people. Stock up. It's only the beginning.

Tim Baker
Tim Baker 1 months

Let the gouging begin. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if the companies being attacked were behind this in ome way or another.

Deklan 1 months

Lmao such a fragile energy infrastructure.

TaxTheRich 1 months

It only we focus more on our infrastructure oh, we want to be sitting at a D-rating, and could actually defend against the cyber attacks

Randall 1 months

World war three will not be fought on the battlefield or with bullets and bombs but in cyberspace and communications. To win we need to educate as many students as possible, not just the wealthy ones, because most gifted minds come from humble backgrounds.

Braindead 1 months

One swip of the pen and he will kill that pipeline too. Just to make America die over the high prices at the pump.

Alyy Defies
Alyy Defies 1 months

My husband's hematology lab was recently hit by a ransomware virus.

Justice Kazzy
Justice Kazzy 1 months

Bet it's the companies themselves or someone who bought a ton of stock in it.

Dániel 1 months

Why do I have the feeling that this will soon be forgotten and noone will improve their security?

Barry 1 months

It's funny how these multi-billion dollar companies skimp so much on the IT department

edwin 1 months


Jim Boi
Jim Boi 1 months

I think that means gas prices are going up again

Raymond M Hein Jr
Raymond M Hein Jr 1 months

Odds are pretty strong it's a inside job any to screw americans.

Tre' 1 months

Here comes the price gouging.

Tetelestai 1 months

when we find out who did it, we should literally shut their entire country down... and keep it down.

Jon 1 months

Let the companies take the warning and better defend their systems.

Patty 1 months

Imagine what they could do with electric cars

Zombie 1 months

Gas prices are going to spike, not gonna be fun.

John 1 months

They really think we are naive... It's time to stand up and be courageous.

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