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Two dead after shooting in St Louis County

Two dead after shooting in St Louis County

St. Louis County police were called to a report of a shooting Friday evening. Arriving officers found no shooting victims at the scene but learned that five injured men had taken themselves to a hospital.

Matt 1 months

Kinloch has been urban since the 70's. To say it's a "St. Louis County town" is a gross misnomer. It's been "The Hood" for 5 decades plus. Anyone in St. Louis knows.

jamie 1 months

And we continue with news that wouldn’t have been a blip on the radar before an authoritarian gun grabber took office.

Randall 1 months

Let's have more guns for everyone!/s

nautical 0 months

I love how any story where there's a stabbing, there's dozens of people batching about gun control, but in the numerous more shooting stories, there's none. Almost like conformation bias has something to do with it

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