Trump warns Gov. Newsom over homelessness crisis in California

Trump warns Gov. Newsom over homelessness crisis in California

Trump issued a warning to California Gov. Gavin Newsom, threatening federal intervention if Newsom is unable to solve his state’s homeless crisis. In 2018, 129,972 people in the state experienced homelessness. Newsom had blamed the Trump administration over rising homelessness in his state, saying the White House was taking no action on ’Housing First,’ his approach to solving homelessness.

Mitchell 5 months

Please do. My grandmother lives in California and I'm afraid for her well being.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 5 months

Here's something to raise some eyebrows: Scott Adams mentioned the idea that it might be possible for Trump to flip California in the 2020 election. The liberal elites will scream bloody murder at every opportunity, but turns out CA is a huge state with millions of conservatives tucked away all around the state.

I have no idea
I have no idea 5 months

Don't over step the bounds of the federal government. That said the best thing for California is political competition. Put someone strong to take up governor and some seats to start driving the state away from the policies that are causing these problems.

The Kosher Katfish
The Kosher Katfish 5 months

Can you imagine what could happen if someone got the homeless population to give a damn about their own futures and mobilized (militarized?) them? Think of all the hell that could be raised! Too bad crack and liquor kinda spoil that possibility.

IvoryDove 5 months

California demands $50k in solar panels and commercial fire sprinklers on new homes, then wonders why housing is so expensive. Their solution to homelessness is to make housing more expensive and pay people to live on the streets. If their goal was to eliminate rats, they'd sprinkle cheese and crackers in alley ways.

Monster Mash
Monster Mash 5 months

considering there is an actual app to help people avoid human feaces in the streets of California. I feel the federal government should step in asap and forget the threats.

Ryan M
Ryan M 5 months

I visited San Francisco from Canada a few years ago. I was really quite shocked at how appalling conditions in the city were, and just how many homeless, mentally ill and drug addicted people were floating around the otherwise exorbitantly cosmopolitan city. Sad to say that Vancouver, BC is rapidly deteriorating in the same way. What do these two cities have in common? Yeah, it's leftist policies.

porcus 5 months

California is currently looking at using cruise ships to "house" the homeless. Instead of actually solving their own homeless problem New York City has bussed their homeless over the state line to New Jersey. Hawaii flies their homeless back to the continent. Homelessness is a massive issue in the US but most Democratic-controlled cities and states don't try to solve it and instead just want the homeless to disappear.

- jääsh
- jääsh 5 months

It must be embarrassing that the father of the man that cucked you is holding your feet to the coals.

Shane 5 months

Luckily I live in the northern part of California and lake Tahoe area. Probably the best place on earth. Most people don't like trump but nobody likes the swindly democrats either. Trump 2020

The 5 months

California is a beautiful place to live if you are willing to work two jobs the rest of your life. housing shouldn't cost people $200,000 to have a roof over their heads.

..... 5 months

Dew it!

Daniel McEwen
Daniel McEwen 5 months

When a Republican has to come in to fix the problems of a Democrat run state...

Jon 5 months

Trump wouldn't know the first thing about solving homelessness.

Clint 5 months

I thought the Republicans believed in states rights? and why issue "threats" instead of "offers" of help? it's a part of the country he's president over.

Fin 5 months

That's right Jon. It's not more important to solve it than to keep absolute power. Babbling about it a great distraction

Fin 5 months

It's not the gop anymore it's been captured by dear leader n his corrupt cronies... No more states rights just base rights. Only dear leader has all the answers

daryl 5 months

they can have a few of my neighbors

Fin 5 months

Got nerve Ryan u have appalling conditions in Montreal n Quebec... Dif is ur form of gov programs...drug dens in all over certain areas

Fin 5 months

To flip cal. You have gerrymander n remove voters which most certainly is at core of how to keep dear leader in place in any state

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