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25 dead, 52 injured after explosion near Afghan school in Kabul

25 dead, 52 injured after explosion near Afghan school in Kabul

An explosion near a school in the Afghan capital Kabul on Saturday killed at least 25 people and wounded at least 52. Most of the wounded were reported to be students. An Interior Ministry spokesperson did not specify the cause or the target of the explosion. Kabul is on high alert since the US announced plans last month to pull out all U.S. troops by Sept. 11.

JBurg 1 months

People dying in bombings is terrible. But ask yourself, because this happens all the time in Afghanistan, why are the news networks suddenly reporting on it again? The answer is because we announced we’d be pulling out, and the military industrial complex and Washington elites don’t like that. In the coming months expect tons of sob stories coming out of Afghanistan. Remember, the press no longer functions to CRITICALLY REPORT on events, rather they serve as spokesmen of the CIA military contractors.

Tired of the BS
Tired of the BS 1 months

Why is it that over the past 3.5 months, it’s felt as though someone has reversed the clock 4 years….. 🤔… oh wait, that’s right it’s because THEY friggin DID by electing Obam//Clinton 2.0!

datSpicyBoi 1 months

Oh god it’s already starting smh

Jon 1 months

You know you are fighting cowards when even when they strike from hiding the only people that they are brave enough to attack are children. I honestly think that if the kids had been aware and watching, the people who did this wouldn't have had the courage to strike.

Strong Thought
Strong Thought 1 months

What Afghanistan needs is common sense bomb control laws!

Towmotar 1 months

Islam’s gotta Islam.

Jonny 1 months

Mostly peaceful peace practitioners practicing peace... Mostly. Dark ages religion.

nacho 1 months

Terrible terrible

Indo 1 months

And there you go. All hell is breaking loose over there. Those mountain freaks with nothing to lose are letting loose their arsenal.

Shono 1 months

Get the troops OUT of Afghanistan!!! This is a sign!!! Hillary pushing against it is a sign!!!

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