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Moroccan YouTuber jailed for insulting king

Moroccan YouTuber jailed for insulting king

Moroccan YouTuber Mohamed Sekkaki has been jailed for four years and fined about $4,000 after he was found guilty of insulting the king of Morocco. Sekkaki who goes by the name ’Moul Kaskita’ on YouTube has nearly 350,000 subscribers and was jailed earlier this month for criticizing King Mohammed VI in a live video stream.

R0411 7 months

Wow, what a surprise. A thin skinned man named Mohammed who cannot take criticism. I wonder where he developed this trait?

Louis S
Louis S 7 months

Way to disprove his points, I guess

Zachary 7 months

To hell with the goat fucking king of Morocco.

Joe Joyce
Joe Joyce 7 months

Imagine having a king

Mitchell 7 months

Wait I don't understand! The leftists told me that freedom of speech only exists to give racists a pass for hate speech!

Dan 7 months

Now I hope the rest of the world is going to insult that king. If an example is made, it's that free speech will prevail, not that some poor guy has been put in jail for having an opinion.

R0411 7 months

Criticizing/insulting the prophet Muhammad is "against the law" in Islam, so much so that they shot up the Charlie Hebdo offices because of satirical cartoons. What I am suggesting is that culture of not criticizing/insulting the prophet has trickled it's way into Moroccan law, making it illegal to criticize the king. I am also suggesting that both prophet Muhammad and king Muhammad of Morocco was/is a thin skinned piece of shit that deserves to be called out for the scumbag they were/are. This comment was meant as a response to my original post that I accidentally posted here. I reposted it in the thread.

Irish Mike
Irish Mike 7 months

this is what a tyrannical regime lo9ks like.. if Trump was a tyrant CNN would be in deep doo doo.

_DearJ0hn 7 months

Savages, to prosecute someone over words.

Sirax 7 months

imagine calling your leader cheeto hitler and being sent to jail. sure is great to have the freedom to insult people.

Fin 7 months

Sounds familiar... Don't dare insult any dear leader

BadgerMilk 7 months

All monarchs are best served with summary execution via axe to head.

Sui 7 months

Hey, if Trump got his way, he’ll do shit like this too with how he criticizes/calls name anyone who makes fun of him from SNL to Twitter. Trump didn’t do anything about Khashoggi. Trump accuses anyone who investigates him and his friends as enemies or corrupt, etc. Typical dictator playbook, if Trump wins 2020, all I gotta say is my conservative friends better stand up to despot behaviors if he starts lashing out dictator style and imprisoning ppl who criticize him ( ^‿^)

Julian Collot
Julian Collot 7 months

I can’t think of a single reason why this king deserves to live

Seekster 7 months

Thank God I live in the United States.

Christopher Harris
Christopher Harris 7 months

take that bitches, 1a in da house!

NeverMetTheGuy 7 months

Apparently when the king is a little bitch you get jailed for insulting him... A little bitch. This is what the left is fighting for.

Imad 7 months

I wonder who protect those kings and made them dictators? Hmmm

eclipseNF 7 months

Definitely let them all into Europe!

Rational ific
Rational ific 7 months

No freedom whatsoever in so many countries. But we know that most people only criticize the freest countries in the world (along with China on occasion). What they need to understand is that to even be able to criticize their countries and leaders shows that they are living with more freedom than billions of others across the globe. So maybe, just once in a while, also consider speaking out against leaders and countries that don't allow their masses to speak.

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