Two men discharged from National Guard over white supremacist ties

Two men discharged from National Guard over white supremacist ties

Two men were dismissed from the Army National Guard following months of investigation by the Army over allegations of involvement in white supremacist groups. The investigation was started after the Atlanta Antifascists published a report making the claim. At the time of the report, one of the men was on active duty in Afghanistan. One of the men has told the press he is not racist.

TaxationIsRaep 2 months

white nationalist ties, only left sources? I'd like more information on this one.

Herbie Goes Bananas
Herbie Goes Bananas 2 months

White men who are proud of their heritage are racist? Really? These so-called “ties” seem rather weak. How about we wait until they actually DO something racist and THEN punish them!

I have no idea
I have no idea 2 months

After claims are made with no proof two people lost their livelihood. Fixed the head line.

Robert Palmer
Robert Palmer 2 months

The left does anything they can to prevent freedom of assembly if it goes against their beliefs.

Based Haole
Based Haole 2 months

Hurry let's alienate an entire generation of white guys with military experience...what's the worst that can happen

No One
No One 2 months

👌''m ok with trolling the left...

porcus 2 months

I am not going to believe this unless there is solid evidence presented. The Left has claimed literally everything, EVEN A HAND GESTURE, is indication of white supremacist ties.

Kyle G
Kyle G 2 months

What were the groups in question? Also, do “jews” and “black Israelites” get the same treatment? They literally think they are “Gods chosen people”...does that not make them supremest groups? It’s just all silliness if you ask me.

Daniel McEwen
Daniel McEwen 2 months

Let's say I'm leery over "liberal activists found..." part. That shows up in Left and Right leaning articles.

Roberto the Jew
Roberto the Jew 2 months

Well since all white men are now white supremacists with white male privilege I'm not really surprised by this.

Mandraquex3000 2 months

and... the authoritarians win

RJ of Cthulhu
RJ of Cthulhu 2 months

"Four years ago, what is now known as the Asatru Folk Assembly began to organize. It started out as a chapter-based, member-led organization whose mission was to build local power and to intervene when violence was inflicted on White communities by the state and vigilantes. In the years since, we’ve committed to struggling together and to imagining and creating a world free of anti-Whiteness, where every White person has the social, economic, and political power to thrive." Now replace white with black and the Asatru Folk Assembly with Black lives matter. Look at BLM's Website, this is in their mission If these men were kicked out for this behavior, then kick out anyone associated with BLM.

david phillips
david phillips 2 months

I can't decide if this is like what McCarthy did to the so called commies in the 50s or of we are looking at thought police. Like someone else said let's wait until they break a law before they are prosecuted or is it persecuted.

npc8472 2 months

This kind of thing is what worries me. Black pride = ok Brown pride = ok Gay pride = ok White pride = racial supremacist Strait pride = homophobic bigot It seems they are actively making it taboo to be strait and white and worse so if you are proud to be. If you are you will be attacked and they will cause you to lose your job and ability to provide for your family which then leaves you the only option of actually joining said baddies in an effort to find some way to survive. Am I the only one who sees this?

Shane Olson
Shane Olson 2 months

I just have a hard time trusting any claims ANTIFA makes, since they appear to be a terror group and ironically act like fascists.

Fin 2 months

Thank u army

Mutatis 2 months

Well it is pretty clear that all the other articles are sourcing their info from the ajc, so I will address that one. Overall, the article is not terrible, as they even got quotes of denial from one of the accused. However, the evidence that this pagan org is a 'hate' group seems poor, and the inclusion of a quote from an Antifa spokesperson commenting on the matter comes off overtly absurd.

Chris Cahill
Chris Cahill 2 months

Oh don’t forget the rape too. We are all rapists

Fin 2 months

Chris u damn well know you r not right... Most want to kick a rapists ass... Stop falling for brow beating propaganda designed by loathers on any accountable but not any body s tool.. Be proud yet not angry... For u know the truth... Be humbled not brow beaten into some crazy idea anyone exhibiting their pride is some kind of menace to the truth you know n can never be taken nor revised... White is not anything to be ashamed of.... It's how any person lives that step by step that determines pride or shame to be their shadow

Nate Dog
Nate Dog 2 months

unless they have ties to a terrorist group the national guard has no right to do this. and who ever authorized this should be thrown in prison

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