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’Ghost boat’ with human remains washes up in Japan

’Ghost boat’ with human remains washes up in Japan

Japanese police have found the remains of at least five people inside a wooden boat that washed ashore on one of Japan’s outlying islands. Officials said the boat, suspected to be from North Korea, was discovered on Saturday on Sado Island. Reports suggested the remains were ’partially skeletonized’, indicating the victims may have been at sea for a long time.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 8 months

First sign of a f'd up country: people are willing to risk their lives to leave.

Max Maidment
Max Maidment 8 months

Honestly the people the left call 'Refugees' are privileged to have such calm seas to cross to get to what they see as utopia. The NK dissenters have to cross far more treacherous conditions and their only hope is to make it to China and they don't have much choice in whether they can work or just receive benefits.

Fin 8 months

These ppl will do. Anything to get out.. I have been to panmojan..eerie. They starve unless they fully fully oblige dear leader..n it's damn cold there .. Always tension

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