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Thousands of koalas feared dead in Australia

Thousands of koalas feared dead in Australia

Thousands of koalas are feared to have died in a wildfire-ravaged area north of Sydney. The mid-northern coast of New South Wales was home to up to 28,000 koalas, but wildfires are feared to have significantly reduced their population. ’Up to 30% of their habitat has been destroyed’, Australia’s environment minister Sussan Ley said.

Tom A
Tom A
Dave 7 months

However everyone is breathing better with the burning eucalyptus in the air.

porcus 7 months

Got to cut back the chlamydia infection somehow...

Monster Mash
Monster Mash 7 months

Yes they are damn cute and should be protected like most animals. But I really would like to see more conversations about stopping fire bugs (arsonists), removal of brush/ and bush rubbish (leaves and branches etc). So that this level of bushfires doesn't happen again anytime soon. Yeah, yeah climate change....... but let's actually take about pro active actions that can be fixed within a few weekends to minimise fires, instead of years.

Fin 7 months


Katharine 7 months


The Dragon
The Dragon 7 months

I like how stupid everyone is focused on the kololo bear meanwhile hundreds of other species went extinct in that same fire 😃

A Maxi-Mini mall
A Maxi-Mini mall 7 months

#GladysKilledLewis #BerejiklianBushfires #KoalaKiller

fish 7 months

Victims of mass shootings...?

Argaveus 7 months

Good, fuck the little bastards

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