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Italian Alps avalanches kill 4 in 24 hours

Italian Alps avalanches kill 4 in 24 hours

A woman and two seven-year-old girls have died in an avalanche while skiing in Val Senales in the Italian Alps. The woman, 35, was the mother of one of the girls. The three, all thought to be German, were skiing about 2,400m up the Val Senales glacier in South Tyrol when they were struck by a wall of snow. Another skier in the Dolomite Mountains died Sunday after being struck by an avalanche.

Slick Willy Clinton
Slick Willy Clinton 6 months

This is why the ending a the ice age (also known as global warming) is such a good thing. One of the largest natural killers of people is cold related. The end of this ice age will bring a time of more plant growth with better growing seasons. Only in a time as now would people complain about better living environments.

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 6 months

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