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George Floyd’s brother and nephew express gratitude at federal indictment

George Floyd’s brother and nephew express gratitude at federal indictment

The brother and nephew of George Floyd expressed gratitude at the new federal indictments against the four officers involved. Chauvin also faces a second indictment for an incident from 2017 involving similar restraint against a 14-year-old.

chris 1 months

More importantly I'm reacting to my grill timer going off because my brother and uncle will be over soon. We're having burgers, we will enjoy it all because we didn't commit crimes.

jamie 1 months

Did he by chance call out resisting arrest while urging compliance which would stop 99% of deaths cause by law enforcement? No oh ok then everything he said comes up a bit short

TexasReb 1 months

George Floyd should not have died as he did because he should still be in Prison in Huntsville, Texas for all of the things he did earlier in his life. Rodney Floyd can flip himself. He also has a criminal background although not as bad and atrocious as George's.

Glen 1 months

Floyd's family only cares about the money they can make off of George Floyd's, where were they when he was struggling with drug addiction.

katherine 1 months

I wish I could feel gratitude, but the truth of the matter is, Derek Chauvin was only convicted because the jurors new if there was no conviction the riots that had been abating would come back with a vengeance. The Goerge Floyd murder was the twin of the Rodney King case. The sad fact is Goerge Floyd only got the attention he deserved because Trump the charismatic ringleader of the Circus that came to town 4 yrs ago, was the main ingredient of what made the perfect storm. I would even go as far as to say that Trump and all the Republican players the money bags who oil the cogs in our Goverment were more than the perfect storm, we have seen many of those hurricane Katrina where a heroic black man worked to keep many other people, alive, but the rescue they sorely needed proved elusive as they sat atop the roof of an apartment complex as helicopter after helicopter flew by seemingly without taking notice of a large help sign made specifically for any aid coming by air add to that the many black men and women waving for help, still no rescue. It was only when the man gathered up as many white people as possible and put them on the rooftop that the helicopters that had been continuously flying by finally what had been in front of there faces for 3 or more days...

Moroi 1 months

Well... Won't have to do any family intervention, instead just roll in money...

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