Joe Biden clarifies: Would obey ’legal’ Senate subpoena

Joe Biden clarifies: Would obey ’legal’ Senate subpoena

Joe Biden attempted Saturday to clarify remarks made the day before in which he said he would disobey a subpoena from the Senate if called to testify in President Trump’s impeachment trial. On Saturday, he tweeted: ’I am just not going to pretend that there is any legal basis for Republican subpoenas for my testimony in the impeachment trial...this impeachment is about Trump’s conduct, not mine.’

Watheverable GRAMPS
Watheverable GRAMPS 3 months

Are there illegal subpoenas?

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 3 months

Come on Joe you have been in the public eye for decades, when the Senate asks you to testify as a private citizen, you do so, also if you have nothing to hide, why not testify

porcus 3 months

Huh. Demented Joe seems to be suggesting that not only are there illegitimate subpoenas but that it is lawful to ignore them. Wonder how he ended up on the same side of that argument as Trump?

bobby_5150 3 months

Sleepy Joe must be getting a lot of exercise with all of his backpedaling.

J. C.
J. C. 3 months

most Latinos don't want to decriminalize illegal border crossings. Many have first hand knowledge of the cartels and coyotes who make billions running the southern border

Jon 3 months

I vote he stonewalls just like Trump, Mulvaney, Pompeo, Rudy, McGahn, Perry, Pence, Bolton. Why the fuck should he even consider it? You think Trump supporters will glorify his integrity for testifying when the others didnt? Fuuuuck no.

CommanderVaasDC 3 months

what is an illegal subpoena.

Scott in FLorida
Scott in FLorida 3 months

YOu know a better question to Ask Joe is why he sponsored a bill for 1.2 BILLION to bail out AmTrak rail while his son Hunter was on its board of directors. It was the largest bailout in the history of the senate and not ONE reporter is able to connect this to today's events in the Purisima corruption? What do these reporters think this subpoena is for to sell TV ads?

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