Taliban agrees to temporary ceasefire in Afghanistan

Taliban agrees to temporary ceasefire in Afghanistan

The Taliban’s ruling council agreed Sunday to a temporary cease-fire in Afghanistan, providing a window for a possible peace deal with the US. The ceasefire may last for 10 days. A ceasefire had been a long-standing demand of the US before a possible peace deal could be signed with the Taliban. A peace deal would allow the U.S. to bring home its troops from Afghanistan.

Tom A
Tom A
Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 2 months

We are slowing pulling out of the middle east as promised. Some people don't have patients and don't understand this can't happen over night.

Seekster 2 months

I doubt the Taliban will keep any agreement but frankly the sooner we get out of Afghanistan the better. It's not like we haven't done everything we could for that battleground masquerading as a country.

Got Truth
Got Truth 2 months

That old trick again!?

Indo 2 months

nearing some horses needs learning. nearing other animals also needs learning. those Boneheads are no different. approaching them has its methods too.

filchface 2 months

It’s just hard to wonder what good is signing a peace treaty with a group who fundamentally believe that anyone who doesn’t convert to their beliefs should be killed. I mean, if they pushed the the ideology: “live and let live” I could understand

Fin 2 months

Peace deal... They got some nerve

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