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InfoWars host Alex Jones asked to pay $100,000 fine to Sandy Hook families

InfoWars host Alex Jones asked to pay $100,000 fine to Sandy Hook families

Alex Jones, the host of InfoWars has been ordered by a judge in Texas to pay a fine amounting to $100,000 in the Sandy Hook defamation lawsuit against him. InfoWars and Mr. Jones were sued by the father of a six year old who was killed in the massacre. Mr. Jones had suggested that the Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax.

I have no idea
I have no idea 1 year

Okay now do the WSJ and CNN.

Lux 1 year

I love how FOX and CNN (billion dollar organizations) constantly misrepresent the facts, but when ONE MAN (alex jones) gets something wrong, he's cancelled.

I Am Grug
I Am Grug 1 year

Grug think that’s stupid. Grug no watch but Grug wonder why he should be punished for doing what everyone else does. Grug semi trust Alex Johns after gay frog theory was proven real.

Paul N
Paul N 1 year

When will mainstream media start being fined and not getting out of them based on false technicalities? A certain group of kids that were attacked by a fake veteran Indian? Fake gold fish story about Trump trying to overfeed them and do on. CNN SHOULD BE BANKRUPT BY NOW.

Barry 1 year

Jones should be in jail

The Kosher Katfish
The Kosher Katfish 1 year

I'm sure that's more than enough to remind the families how much money in college loans they're gonna save. Thanks, justice system!

Kevin 1 year

That's it? A measly 100K? Disgusting.

Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd 1 year

anyone who watch infowars literally has no brain and should never be aloud to vote at all. We don't need morons like this running the country.

Something Witty
Something Witty 1 year

I thought he retracted that though, at least he said he did on the Joe Rogan podcast. My gut tells me this is just another attack at him, even though other sites have gotten things wrong before..... I’m so confused on this law of rules for thee and not for me.

Just_Saying 1 year

Judges need to get more creative with sentences and penalties. He should have been ordered to go on a three year I'm an A-hole media tour. Explaining on a shows that he is an A-hole and most of the stuff he has ever said on his shows was just him lying for a paycheck. On the days he had nothing booked it would be a street corner downtown in a different city each time wearing a sandwich board of same. All that plus the 100K Why can't the media call these guys what they are. Propagandists the deadliest kind of enemy a democratically styled, equality seeking, freedom loving union of self ruling people can have.

Luther Young
Luther Young 1 year

It should have been Zero!

Grand Ol Propaganda
Grand Ol Propaganda 1 year

Now that's a wonderful happy ending..... satisfying. Too bad the money is racist money. 😡😡😡

Fin 1 year

Pay up for the further pain u caused by marginalizing the victims... Little kids... Little kids... N their parents... How would u feel had it been ur kid.... U crazy piece of crap.... N u did it for what.... Trivilizing truth to push propaganda... Your legacy is but a string of cruelty n lies... All for money n politics... Gee what a man

Fin 1 year

Bout time... Master propagandist

Josh Ya
Josh Ya 1 year

How anybody can follow this nutcase is beyond me.

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