Trump signs repeal of ’Parking Lot Tax’ for houses of worship

Trump signs repeal of ’Parking Lot Tax’ for houses of worship

President Trump recently repealed the so-called ’parking lot tax’ The measure would have required houses of worship and other nonprofits to pay a 21 per cent tax on employee benefits such as parking spaces and transit subsidies. The repeal was a part of appropriations bills for the new year, passed by both the House and Senate. The bill is retroactive from 2017.

T3hGladiator 5 months

Looks like he's trying to fix a mistake, that's good.

anthony 5 months

This is a fucking disgrace! Not only should they put this tax back in but they should tax them on all the real estate they've been taking away from the communities, particularly those fake houses of worship that only exist on paper. They take in cash and don't pay tax, they buy real estate and don't pay tax, children are molested and violated and nobody goes to prison and instead of performing religious services (which is what he's supposed to do) the Pope is out there making political speeches. TAX THEM for everything!

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 5 months

More tax fodhes for the elite and corporations. When the average American has less and less disposable income, prices and cost of living are on the rise, charity falls by the wayside. Credit cards are stretched to the max, real wage growth is stagnant leaving people to play the minimum payment game with their bills. The country is awash in debt.

Critical Clown
Critical Clown 5 months

A tax on subsidies? That’s so stupid! “Here’s some money, but now pay a percentage of that money back.” Hahaha!

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