Man ’trying to kidnap girl on subway’ caught on camera

Man ’trying to kidnap girl on subway’ caught on camera

A man was filmed carrying a woman from a New York subway at about 2.45 AM. The ’kidnapper’, Sonny Alloway, claims he picked the woman up because she wanted to get away from her abusive boyfriend she was with at the time. Alloway was arrested for unlawful imprisonment and later released when Bronx district attorney deferred prosecution to allow for more time to investigate the case.

Tom A
Tom A
a commoner
a commoner 3 months

Further investigation... Ask the girl and talk to the people who were there. I think that should be enough. However, I guess you could talk to the girls neighbors and best friend to verify the abusive angle. I dont think that should take more than a day at the most.

I have no idea
I have no idea 3 months

Once I was helping a shipmate clean his house after his wife trashed it and ran off. She called him and he handed me the phone because he was to upset. Told me to ask her to call back later. After answering the phone and relaying the message she hung up on me and called the police saying that I kidnapped her husband. When the police initially showed up they detained me in the car while they talked to the husband and then let me out. I know it is not the same extreme but these kinda things can get really complicated.

david dindu
david dindu 3 months

youre supposed to whack them on the head first

porcus 3 months

I just can't see this as a kidnapping attempt. As he points out he is in a crowded area in plain view. He tried to "help" her directly by himself instead of simply calling the police, that's the only mistake he made, from what I can see.

Dave 3 months

He was caught red handed....and red coated, red trousered, red shoed....

Sirax 3 months

the third story(as of writing) is unrelated. also, i would like to see further investigation on the original story as well. i doubt he had a slave ring of any kind.

david dindu
david dindu 3 months

meh. just new yorkers having a lil fun. like dumping water on the cops in the summer

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