Trump threatens Iran with ’big price’ to pay over US embassy attack

Trump threatens Iran with ’big price’ to pay over US embassy attack

President Trump Tuesday blamed Iran for planning an attack on the US Embassy in Iraq and promised to hold Tehran ’fully responsible.’Later, Trump amplified his harsh words for Iran. ’This is not a Warning, it is a Threat,’ the president tweeted, adding that Iran will ’pay a very BIG PRICE’ for the embassy siege. Iran, meanwhile, denied the accusation that it had somehow orchestrated the incident.

Martin 2 months

I've never heard such nonsense from a world leader. Iran did this Iran did that, are the US public that stupid and blind. This is an Embassy in a country where over 1 million people have died in a fake war to fuel the MIC. Get out of the Middle east please before any more people die for nothing and that includes US service men.

CoLpOeSnED 2 months

Trump is definitely in the pocket of the military complex by now. Nobody wants bullshit wars!

Adrian 2 months

Bought and owned (Trump and pretty much the entire political system here) by the Zionist Israel and the Jewish supporters (or the gentile morons who believe Israel IS a friend to the US). The Zionist State of Israel is a friend to any gentile like the anti-Christ is a friend to Jesus. It's amazing how stupid people can be and how easily they are manipulated into believing such revisionist history. One thing is for sure - Israel cannot beat Iran alone. They know it. Tw- faced, double talking liars! The only way Israel can beat Iran is dropping a few of those undeclared atomic bombs on them! But that would be the end of this world as we know it (I don't put anything past the criminal state of Israel -- these people are capable of anything!). And also the Torah clearly teaches the Jews that the soul of a Jew operates on a higher level and is worth more than the soul of a gentile. That's where the "chosen people" bedtime story comes from. Having America fight their wars and having American gentile lives sacrificed for Israel is what their lobbies and criminal enterprise all over this country and this world are all about. How we, as a country, believe these devils to be our friends and fall for their lies and deceit, I'll never truly understand. Israel IS the problem in the Middle-East. They will stop at nothing to conquer more land and kill anything with a pulse that's non-Jewish. Evil.

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 2 months


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