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Tesla crash in California kills two

Tesla crash in California kills two

A deadly crash on Sunday that involved a Tesla Model S and a Honda Civic in Gardena, Los Angeles killed two and injured two others. It is now the subject of an inquiry by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which announced late Tuesday that it is dispatching its special crash investigation team to look into the incident.

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 7 months

Auto driving cars lull idiots into a false sense of security and makes them think the cars can drive themselves with no human intervention lets just keep cars the way they were with nothing more than cruise control.

Patrick Henry
Patrick Henry 7 months

As an airline pilot, there's still nothing more ignorant than trusting a computer driver. Computers are so one-track-minded that it would be easier to list-off things the computers do poorly than things they do right. There are so many abnormal situations that a computer just won't be programmed to react to... and in many ways can't (like a failure in the computer itself.) Computers (aviation and streets alike) never program for weather and other environmental issues. Only humans can judge that. Human brains are much slower at specific tasks, yes, but a brain doesn't "glitch out" and need to be rebooted like a computer frequently does. Imagine the wonders of having an AI computer with perfect 100% up-time for 100 years! It's just dumb, really. Anyone "driving" an AI car should be ready to take-over in an instant, if needed... and should have their license revoked if they don't.

L C 7 months

i wouldnt be surprised, i see plenty of people on the interstate with their heads buried in their phones while their autopilot makes the drive for them

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