Fire kills animals in German zoo

Fire kills animals in German zoo

Several animals have been killed in an overnight blaze at the Krefeld zoo in Germany. Officials believe that more than 30 animals have died including five orangutans, two gorillas and a chimpanzee. Police say the fire is likely to have been caused by Chinese sky lanterns that were set off during New Year’s Eve celebrations and landed inside the zoo.

..... 3 months

Chinese can't help but kill innocent animals

The Dragon
The Dragon 3 months

How tf do Chinese lanterns travel all the way across the Earth in less than a day?

fish 3 months

In Venezuela, the zoo fires are barbecues. Come on Germany, get with the times! ...too soon...?

Fin 3 months

Finally free from captivity.. Noble creatures..

Dave 3 months

Ah nature's most deadly killer. Fire.

RJ of Cthulhu
RJ of Cthulhu 3 months

It is a tragedy that so many animals were lost. Endangered species need to be cared for extensively and it is always a tragedy to lose a Gorilla. I wish people were more responsible and that the Zoo could have prevented this, but things happen. Zoo's are an amazing way to raise awareness for being better stewards of nature and raise money for research and conservation. They do more good for animals than any PETA praising pundit ever will. Moreover, Animals in captivity are almost always happier than in the wild and live longer, as they don't have to hunt for food and they don't have predators to run, hide, or fight from.

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