Pete Buttigieg term ends as South Bend mayor

Pete Buttigieg term ends as South Bend mayor

Pete Buttigieg term ended as mayor of South Bend, Indiana and he was replaced by his former chief of staff. James Mueller was sworn in Wednesday afternoon. Buttigieg decided to run for president instead of reelection and endorsed Mueller for mayor last February. His chief of staff won the primary in May and general election in November.

The Kosher Katfish
The Kosher Katfish 2 months

Not before changing the town's name from South Bend to Bendover

front sight aim
front sight aim 2 months

oh but he was doing such a greaaaaaaat job!

I have no idea
I have no idea 2 months

So if he doesn't get the nomination he'll be jobless. That's smart.

Marcus Rogers
Marcus Rogers 2 months

A gay mayor of a town called Bend? oh good lord....

Dave 2 months

So its not a slur to call him a South Bender?

Sean 2 months

His time in South Bend Over. *giggles*

Randy Souse-Git
Randy Souse-Git 2 months

"Unemployment claim... Here I come."

David Silverstone
David Silverstone 2 months

Are you fucking kidding hahahaha... Pete Buttigieg, the gay politician was operating in a location called south bend. Oof.

Paul C
Paul C 2 months

So for marketing purposes, 'Mayor Pete' is out. Wonder if he'll go with just 'Pete' or the more catchy 'Alfred E. Neuman?'

porcus 2 months

Adios, and thank goodness.

Sir_Kutz 2 months

Then he will loose to Trump and get a sweet lobbying gig.

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