Court rules ’ethical veganism’ beliefs must be protected in law

Court rules ’ethical veganism’ beliefs must be protected in law

Worker in the UK who indulge in ’ethical veganism’ secured a big win in an employment tribunal. The judge ruled that they are entitled to legal protection from job discrimination. The case was brought to court by a man who claimed he was fired after raising questions about pension fund investments in companies that test products on animals.

Argaveus 2 months

Ah so veganism is a religion now. Makes sense.

Aight Bradley
Aight Bradley 2 months

Veganism has always been a cult.

Lenwë 2 months

Does this mean being a carnivore and omnivore are protected as well? Or just vegans?

CheekyGreenConure 2 months

Which is worse, veganism or feminism? They keep upping each other

Barry 2 months

that's how most religions start anyways

Cary Brown
Cary Brown 2 months

It's about time that Equality Act was sorted out. It's being abused by all sorts of fanatical activists and having an adverse effect on everyone in the UK.

AbsentSal 2 months

is this saying that vegans can tell a company how yo spend their money?

DysfunctionalOrphan 2 months

this seems very reasonable. you shouldnt be able to fire someone for being outspoken about veganism just because it hurts your feelings

Christopher Harris
Christopher Harris 2 months

oh for fucks sakes! fuck it! every line of thought should be protected by law!

Hypnotica 2 months

Can people who swear by the carnivore diet claim Ethical Carinvoreism? I don't see why vegan should get special treatment.

Tom 2 months

it's official the lunatics have taken over totally stupidity

Ryan M
Ryan M 2 months

James Damore questions Google's far left policies, gets fired. Far left "ethical vegan" questions their company's policies, gets protected by the courts. The takeaway here is that only far left beliefs are acceptable.

Travis Alex
Travis Alex 2 months

Now Vegans can't say they aren't a religion or a cult. They always have been and they are still psycho.

Fin 2 months

This took place in a UK court .

Fin 2 months

It's not much different the the suit brought on by hobby lobby for not wanting to put heath care funds into any employee who didn't fit into their belief system... Do I think it's nutz yeah but his point well enuff argued to win his case...

Rocky 2 months

Why are people in the EU so daft and deluded? I don't understand how they even arrive at such a twisted brand of morality and ethics. We used to hold the individual in the highest regard. Now many in Europe are willing to step all over the freedoms of the individual to elevate the comfort of the perceived collective majority. The gradual expansion of "rights" is rapidly eroding the importance of recognized rights as we know them.

Jimmy P
Jimmy P 2 months

he was fired from a animal rights charity, for being vegan. does not make sense. what i gather from the article is that, he shouldn't have been fired BECAUSE he is vegan. wow.

Noobs 2 months

This only protects his right to not get fired because he commented on something. That does not mean hr has the right to enforce any limitation on how the company spend their money. If he doesnt like it, then he can quit. I do find it funny that vegetarians should only be about not EATING any animal, except a bunch of animals. It used to be that it described an animal trait of not being able to digest meat, for example. Now, with modern veganism it has turned into a religion and an activism group. It is not about your choice in what to consume, it is now about projecting your beliefs onto society.

Michael Mastriano
Michael Mastriano 2 months

well it is a nonsense religion after all

William 2 months

Fuck are you talking about, ethical? Is there an unethical way to not eat animals? It's like ego justices..its just another buzz word to protect progressives from criticism.

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