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SNP wins election, plans second referendum on independence

SNP wins election, plans second referendum on independence

The Scottish National Party has won its fourth straight parliamentary election and insisted it will push on with another referendum on Scotland’s independence from the UK. The SNP failed by just one seat to secure an outright majority. Combined with the 8 seats won by Scottish Greens, pro-independence parties now control 72 of the 129 seats.

Bart 1 months

Congratulations to Scotland. I hope you all the best on removing your country from tha United Kingdom and be led under the benevolent SNP that will put you in jail for calling them bad words.

Andrew Montague
Andrew Montague 1 months

No. They have to ask Boris for it and with his massive majority in parliament they can just say no. The SNP had their "Once in a lifetime" vote in 2014 and they lost. If they want another one I guess they need to wait at least a human lifetime to try again. See you in 2114...

Dave 1 months

Ah yes another once in a lifetime vote because they didn't get the answer they wanted last time. Now they've locked up a few free speech advocates and had time to manipulate the public, maybe they'll give them the right answer. Then Nicola Sturgeon can finally get her wish of becoming the new Queen of Scotland.

Just Keep Scrolling
Just Keep Scrolling 1 months

It's not very often that a party gets elected in, to push for independence... So they can have less freedoms.

Alex 1 months

It’s weird when they talk about independence despite not making a secret out of the fact that they will immediately try to vassalize themselves to Brussels.

Randy 1 months

Independence is a scam. They'll just trade elected and effective UK leadership for unelected and bungling EU leadership. Some people think that's some sort of win. I look forward to seeing it.

Seekster 1 months

Scotland should remain part of Great Britain.

Martin 1 months

German neetbux incoming

Robo 1 months

Scotland deserves everything it gets. Scots are showing themselves as absolute clowns once again.

Andreas 1 months

Seems as if this comment section is overflown with English people. Why don't you try to solve your own issues instead of trying to control others.if the Scots want to separate from a isolated English territory than they should proceed. It doesn't matter what people decidesdnin 2014 or in what other time.

Blue 1 months

We dont want the Brits ruling over us. We want the EU ruling over us!

Vark 1 months

This is so cringe. The foreign powers want nothing more than destabilization of USA, UK, and spain. They're so desperate.

Aaron 1 months

Eurotrash problems that dont deserve a spot in the news.

John 1 months

This would be a disastrous move

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