Conservatives seek purge of 200,000 voters in Wisconsin

Conservatives seek purge of 200,000 voters in Wisconsin

A conservative law firm based out of Wisconsin asked a judge on Thursday to levy a fine of $2,000 on members of the Wisconsin Election Commission. The firm also asked the judge to find the Commission in contempt until it purges nearly 200,000 voters from the rolls.

Paul C
Paul C 3 months

How is cleaning voter lists a partisan thing? Claiming it helps Republicans means the Democrats are cheating doesn't it?

Abu Lahab
Abu Lahab 3 months

Oh, they try to make Wisconsin abide by the law. These evil Republicans just don't want dead people voting for the Democrats, how unfair.

christine hancock
christine hancock 3 months

So voters who haven't voted since 2008/2012 and who've moved and haven't updated their registration, are expected to start caring again this year...and expected to what? Vote democrat? They didn't care enough in 2016, so why would they care in 2020?

Fin 3 months

Typical... Purge n tamp down the vote.... Any where they r worried maybe close or flip

Jon 3 months

Completely ridiculous. Republicans know that unless they game the system they are outnumbered. They already lost multiple lawsuits on gerrymandering.

Rocky 3 months

To be fair, altogether it might be conservatives asking for this, I think we can all agree those that are no longer responding, in fact are deceased, or have moved years ago should not be counted for votes. They are not stopping ANY actual residents from registering or voting.

Husk 3 months

if Republicans didnt blatently cheat, they wouldn't be Republicans.

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