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Women awarded $13 million in lawsuit against porn site

Women awarded $13 million in lawsuit against porn site

A judge has ordered the owners and operators of a San Diego-based porn site (GirlsDoPorn) to pay $12.7 million for lying to women about how their explicit videos would be distributed. The site was sued by nearly two dozen women who claim they were not told that the videos would be posted on the internet. The judge ordered the website owners to post in hiring ads that videos would go on the net.

Avi Khait
Avi Khait 7 months

Where did they expect their videos to appear, at the Oscars?

Mitchell 7 months

Wait... The women participated in porn acting and were shocked to discover it would be put on the internet? I've never so much as taken a dick pic of myself. What possessed women to get naked on camera if they don't want their nudity to be seen? Are they stupid?

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 7 months

Hmm, so where can I review the 'evidence?'

James 7 months

My advice to anyone that will listen. Don’t record or have someone record something you are doing unless you are prepared for the entire world to see it. It’s not an IF the image/video will get to the internet, but WHEN. Especially if it involves nudity and/or sex. So when someone says “Trust me babe, no one is going to see this but me.” They are lying.

Travis Shane
Travis Shane 7 months

The women were recruited under false and misleading conditions. They agreed initially to modelling only. When the women were alone and in a hotel room they were badgered to agree to appear in porn, a situation in which they rightly felt they were disempowered and unduly pressured. Finally, they were told their scenes would only be sold on DVD in certain outlets in the Antipodes (that's Australia and New Zealand, before you google it). Even if we overlook the unequal negotiating positions they were in when they agreed to do the scenes, they were outright lied to about where those scenes would be sold and in what format. That's deceptive, fraudulent and actionable. This case is fairly straightforward and has very little to do with one gender being trusted more than another in court, disproportionate legal sentences, the naïveté of young women or any other hot button issue of the day. GirlsDoPorn negotiated in bad faith with actresses and did not abide by the conditions they guaranteed when the women agreed to the scenes. What's with the mean-spiritedness toward the lied to and hard done by workers in these comments?

The Kosher Katfish
The Kosher Katfish 7 months

Money will only last so long. Me being able to look up these specific videos and fap to them is forever.

Fin 7 months

So who financially benefited the most.. It wasn't them.. Thus they sued n won.... Good for them perhaps now they seek different avenues of employment.. Or not.. Bottom line its now their choice .

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