Democrats ask Supreme Court to decide fate of Obamacare

Democrats ask Supreme Court to decide fate of Obamacare

The House of Representatives and 20 Democratic-led states asked the Supreme Court on Friday to declare that the Obamacare healthcare law does not violate the US Constitution. The petitions asks the court to hear the case quickly and issue a definitive ruling on the law by the end of June. Texas and 17 other conservative states filed a lawsuit challenging the law.

porcus 2 months

Parental notice absolutely should be upheld, just like any other medical procedure performed on a non-adult.

IvoryDove 2 months

Abortion, beyond the fact that it's the only legal form of murder, seems to also be the only medical procedure that can be performed on a child without their parent's consent.

Mitchell 2 months

Is anyone in actual opposition to this? Seems pretty cut and dry.

bad news bear
bad news bear 2 months

There's nothing affordable about paying twice or more for coverage and a huge deductible that is impossible to meet, not to mention a constant reduction in coverage that real people with jobs have to pay for.

AbsentSal 2 months

I dont see any good that can come from this. the person who wants to know, is the person who is going to make that childs life miserable

Fin 2 months

Newsvoice has headlines n comments out of whack again

Paul 2 months

If it was the exact same plan and it was called Trumpcare instead of Obamacare the right would love it haha nothing scares the right more then the legacy of the first black president because he’s looking so much better then Trump ever did haha Que the retarded Trump replies now!

Fin 2 months

Taking life in line of duty is also legal homicide......

Fin 2 months

So what if parental notification is to a parent that impregnated their child... Should be case by case.. Cause yeah it happens

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