Trump to attend campaign event in Miami megachurch

Trump to attend campaign event in Miami megachurch

Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America is expected to attend a campaign event which is being organized in a megachurch in Miami on Friday. The President’s outreach to Christian conservatives comes in the backdrop of a popular evangelical publication which questioned whether the faithful should support the Republican President or not.

Jon 4 months

You have to be perfectly comfortable with hypocrisy to be a Christian Republican, especially one that supports this toxic, hateful, unhinged narcissist. #fakechristians

nick 4 months


Fin 4 months

They will sell their soul to get their way on Supreme Court... N presume in the end all forgiven without consequences nor answering for their most basic betrayals to their faith... This is the arm of the base that the pences n hucklebees deliver... Must deliver so tonight he is performing for them... It's like some sick cabal.... Twenty pieces of silver n stacked theocratic judicial system.... They let him play autocrat as long as he let's them transform the democracy into theocracy.. It's their perfect symbiotic relationship . . .

Mitchell 4 months

"Megachurch"? More like MAGAchurch!! 🤣 But for real, fucks a megachurch? Can I have one?

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