French police fatally shoot man near Paris after stabbing attempt

French police fatally shoot man near Paris after stabbing attempt

Cops in Villejuif, a suburb in Paris, shot dead a man after he tried to stab several people in a public park. Four people are believed to have been stabbed and two are reported to have been seriously injured. The attack took place outside a supermarket. An investigation is ongoing.

Just An Opinion
Just An Opinion 2 months

Place your bets! Mental Illness, or another peaceful stabbing of cultural enrichment?

Sir_Kutz 2 months

“Tried” to stab? There are people with stab wounds, that’s called doing not trying.

Ywacch 2 months

Was the stabbing peaceful tho?

F G 2 months

Good. keep shooting them

eclipseNF 2 months


Sapper 2 months

Sadly, it’s time the U.K. and our European mates in police agencies were armed to the teeth. Thanks merkle, you fat, thoughtless POS. How many murders and rapes of your virtue signalling will you take responsibility for!!? We will pay the price of this for a very long time. Pure evil.

Innerparty 2 months


Indo 2 months

France really needs to be tough on Social Bad behaviour. Its been too nice too long.

Fin 2 months

If a knife is pulled on u pull ur weapon... Don't play cute... I have seen ppl. Move like lightening n get on a cop before cop can unholster

Fin 2 months

Mitchell it hurts like hell n frankly someone gifted with a knife can do far more harm than a gun.... Id rather get shot then stabbed.. Stabbing is a up close n. Saddistical crime

Fin 2 months

Oh no... Because of guns not readily available the choice to terrorize. Knives machetes n bombings... Often

Mitchell 2 months

Has anyone here actually been stabbed before? What's it like? I'm curious.

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