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Britain warns nationals against travel to Iraq and Iran

Britain warns nationals against travel to Iraq and Iran

Britain has warned its nationals against traveling to Iraq, outside the Kurdistan region, and to avoid all but essential travel to Iran. The warning comes in light of the killing of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani by the US.

Sapper 7 months

Iran- ‘Death to America and Britain’ (Sets fire to Stars and Stripes and Union Flag) USA- ‘ Warning, with immediate effect, all US citizens are suspended from travel to Iran and Iraq, see government articles for further instruction’ Britain- ‘It may be an idea if you’d refrain from travelling to countries where you will be tortured and horrifically murdered- of course if it doesn’t hurt your feelings and sorry if it causes inconvenience. Sorry. In fact please do go, it was racist and very white of us to project that upon the people of the most peaceful religion on Earth. Take your young children and enrich them in the culture. Have a nice trip.’

Dave 7 months

I'd say "no shit" but we all know there will be some dumbass progressive woman who will decide to walk across the Middle East in a bikini to try and prove some sort of point.

Seekster 7 months

We played a game of chicken with the Soviet Union for decade. We are not impressed by Iran.

..... 7 months

Iran is china proxy, tread with caution it most definitely is part of a trap

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